A snake-like game for J2ME mobile phones. Tested on SE K750/W800, but should work on any MIDP-2.0 compatible device with screen resolution of 128×160 or 176×220.

Using the phone’s cursor or 2/4/6/8 keys, guide the snake to the food (green and red flashing blocks) without crashing into your own tail. The quicker you reach the food, the more points it’s worth and if it’s flashing red it’s worth even more!

The difficulty setting can be adjusted to match your skill, or lack thereof, and hi-scores are saved so you can compare your score with your mates! It’ll also save your game should you have to quit and look like you’re actually working, not playing with your phone. I had planned to make some fancy graphics for this game but never got around to it. Maybe one day…

There’s also a jad file in the rar should your phone need it, or you can download direct to your mobile from here with the second link.

Download: snake-06.rar (123.93KB)

Mobile Download: