Sweex UPS Minidriver

A minidriver for the Sweex 600VA UPS. Will probably work with other Sweex UPS devices, infact just about any UPS that uses a Megatec style protocol. It might be worth fully testing before you rely on it for anything critical though.

Since the software that accompanies this UPS (or more precisely, the software you have to download yourself) seems to be, well, bloated both in size and in memory footprint, I wrote this minidriver in Visual C++ using the Windows Server 2003 SP1 DDK. Tested on Windows XP SP2, should work on any Windows OS that allows non-overlapped serial communications.

To install the driver, unrar the archive to a temporary folder, right-click the .inf file and select “Install”. The .dll will be copied to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (or wherever your OS is installed). The minidriver can be activated from the Power Options -> UPS tab in Control Panel.

Source code for this minidriver is available on request.

Download: sweexupsdriver1001.rar (28.37KB)