Image2ASCII Converter

This program converts several image formats (JPG, BMP, etc) to either B&W ASCII or colour HTML text. Colour HTML output allows various customisations to the processing; text string, font and size selection, several aspect correction techniques, line-width limits, etc. B&W ASCII output allows customisable greyscale ramp, but there’s no real reason to change it.

I saw a web-based version of this tool a few years back and thought it would be kind of interesting to figure out how it worked, so I wrote this little application in Delphi to find out. Some pretty cool effects can be generated, although to be quite honest I can’t think of any real use for them!

Just one note, if you convert an image much larger than your average avatar, make sure to check the constrain line-width option otherwise you’ll end up with a massive output file. That should probably be automatic, but there you go!

Download: image2ascii_11.rar (213.11KB)